Tempa 100

Tempa 100

Tempa’s landmark 100th release — a double pack of essential classics to mark the occasion, released on 18th September.

Founded in London in 2000, Tempa swiftly evolved to become one of the most vital and influential labels in the last 15 years of UK dance music. At the epicentre of dubstep as it evolved from a mutant offshoot of garage into its own unique scene and sound, Tempa has fostered many of the genre’s best-known names.

For our 100th release, we’re marking that legacy by casting an ear back into our rich archives. Just as powerful as when they were first released, the music on Tempa 100 is both a celebration and a reminder of the label’s ten-tons-heavy contribution to UK music history.

Across two 12”s we’re re-pressing a selection of pivotal tracks from Horsepower, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Benga & Coki, DJ Abstract and SP:MC, which together chart the history of dubstep’s emergence.

Tempa100’s first disc gathers together the heady, dark percussive sounds of the genre’s early years, rich in smoky atmosphere. It opens with a track from the very first Tempa 12″, the slinkily robotic freakout of Horsepower Production’s ‘When You Hold Me’, before drifting through DJ Abstract’s humid and romantic ‘Touch’, High Plains Drifter’s ‘Sholay (Epic Mix)’ and Digital Mystikz’s ultra stripped-back early roller ‘Give Jah Glory’.

The second plate ups the ante with a clutch of dubstep’s most iconic dancefloor bruisers — Skream’s seminal ‘Midnight Request Line’, Benga & Coki’s anthemic ‘Night’, the cybernetic halfstep of SP:MC’s ‘Trust Nobody’ and the dub disorientation of Coki’s ‘Tortured’.

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